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Don’t Fire Your Web Designer!

Mobile Website Designers in Toronto Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Durham Region, GTAWe know that you already have a (hopefully) good relationship with your current web designer, and probably love your current website design. We wouldn’t think of interfering with that! Fortunately, we don’t need to touch your existing site to create a mobilized-optimized site for you. Read about our process here.

However, you may find that your website design people may feel threatened by us. They may even offer to create a mobile version of your website for you.

Frankly, the only problem with using a traditional web designer to create a mobile website is that they don’t have the specialized tools, techniques, knowledge and experience required. And with so much riding on site visitors having a great mobile experience with you versus going to your competitor’s mobile-friendly site, shouldn’t you be relying on the company that specializes in mobile?

What about “Responsive Design”?

Some web designers may suggest a costly redesign of your current site into what is referred to as a “Responsive Design” style, especially if they use WordPress. This method changes the layout of content on your site to match the size of the device viewing it, and while this is great from a design point of view, it falls short on mobile devices, especially mobile phones. That’s because the file sizes, download speed, graphics and content on your existing site were designed for someone sitting in front of a computer, not quickly glancing at a small screen held in the palm of their hand.

Typically, mobile users are looking for quick access to your business information. And they want it FAST. That’s why you need experts who specialize in creating user experiences optimized for the mobile web. That’s why you need VueMyBiz!

Studies show that if your site hasn’t completely loaded in about 4 seconds, mobile visitors will leave.

But enough of all this talk! Request a demo site and see for yourself.

Keep Your Current Site

Mobile Website Designers in Toronto Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Durham Region, GTA You won't even have to change your existing site.


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affordable mobile website solution by mobile site designers See how TEN MILLION Canadians view your site.


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Mobile Website Designers GTA, Toronto, Whitby, Oshawa, Durham Region Find out why you really need a mobile version.